Passwords Cluttering Your Brain? Log In a Different Way

February 03, 2015
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Remembering cumbersome passwords is probably the last thing on a busy executive's mind. But securing and protecting communications and information at the leadership level is essential. So, what's the alternative?

MeetX offers two convenient alternatives: Biometric Access and PIN Code technology.

Use Your Fingerprint

Called MeetX TouchID, the technology leverages Apple's new biometric fingerprint sensor to make login fast and easy. It authenticates the user without the need for passwords—and because it's based on two-factor authentication, it's more secure.

Touch ID is supported on all late-model Apple iOS devices.

Use a PIN Code

PIN Code technology is another great alternative to using passwords and certificates. In MeetX, users can enter a simple numerical code to log in, which is actually more secure than an 8-digit password. Why? Because with MeetX, the PIN is tied to the device through a signed private key, producing a true second factor of authentication—the same level of security as a certificate. You can create a MeetX PIN that is between 4 to 8 digits, and the platform won't accept anything too simple—for example "1111" or "1234." For added protection, you can configure the PIN to expire after a certain time period.

For more information, look here.