Fast-Track meeting decisions with MeetX

April 02, 2014
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MeetX is designed to transform leadership communication. Of course, a large part of this communication happens before and after meetings and that's where MeetX stands out. MeetX supports the whole meeting process from preparation to final decisions.

MeetX takes you beyond most web-based meeting tools and puts everything you need at your fingertips: the agenda, list of attendees, and all the related documents from past, present and future meetings.

Before the meeting, the MeetX portal lets you post materials so attendees can review and collaborate on them in advance. That means you can focus on making decisions during the meeting.

During the meeting, attendees synchronously view meeting materials and can even scribe their own notes. When you're presenting using MeetX, there's no risk of sharing documents you don't mean to share (unlike web-based screen-sharing programs).

After the meeting, MeetX saves all the meeting materials and your notes so you can easily refer to them later.

Need to formalize decision making? MeetX facilitates online approvals and eSignatures in a completely secure, self-contained environment.

Working offsite? MeetX lets you present or attend a meeting from your iPad, iPhone, or other mobile device. You can access meeting materials anywhere and add your notes, even without Wi-Fi. When Wi-Fi is restored, MeetX syncs updates back to the server, so you don't lose anything in the transition.

Concerned about security? Trusted by half of the Fortune 500 companies, BoardVantage security is iron clad. Documents and meeting notes within the MeetX portal remain confidential.

If you're looking for a way to enhance collaboration and streamline decision making within your leadership team before, during, and after meetings, give MeetX a try. For a free demo, call +1.877.685.7348. Or, to learn more right now, click here.