Can executives leave their laptops behind?

May 08, 2014
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In today's BYOD ("bring your own device") work environment, more and more executives are carrying their iPads everywhere they go. The reasons are clear. The rich graphics and animation are engaging and the interface is intuitive. The iPad combines the immediacy of online access with the readability of print. And it's so much more lightweight and portable than a laptop.

With all these great features, it's no wonder executives can hardly put their iPads down. The good news is they don't have to.

The right purpose-built platform makes it possible.

A purpose-built communication platform allows executives to collaborate and drive decisions at the workplace or on the go while maintaining confidentiality. This is essential when major decisions are on the line every day and accidentally sharing information with the wrong people at the wrong time can backfire.

The MeetX platform controls every step of the collaboration chain and segregates content for different projects or initiatives. Users have access only to the content for which they are authorized, eliminating the risk of sharing outside the team.

A smarter approach to meetings.

MeetX makes all the materials and notes (for previous, current, and future meetings) accessible on the iPad. The platform enables executives to present at or participate in meetings more effectively without having to lug their laptops around.

Wi-Fi isn't everywhere, but that's not a problem.

Today's executives expect to have information at their fingertips wherever they're working. But network connections are bound to be spotty from time to time. MeetX overcomes this challenge by auto-syncing the iPad to the server. Users can review, make private annotations, and even sign documents while offline. When the network connection is restored, all updates automatically sync back to the server.

MeetX creates an executive experience optimized for the iPad, giving executives a very good reason to leave their laptops behind. Learn more about MeetX