How to avoid the meeting to talk about the meeting

May 29, 2014
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Most of us have so many meetings on our calendars that we walk into meetings without knowing what the meeting's about. And with each of these meetings generating more meetings, it's no wonder we can't keep up.

If we were able to have everything related to the meeting at our fingertips, then we would all be better prepared and could make meetings more effective. And with everyone on the same page, maybe we wouldn't need to schedule another meeting to talk about the meeting.

So, what would this look like?

Before the meeting, you would be able to quickly review all relevant materials without having to wade through email chains or track down documents.

Content for the meeting would be organized in the context of the agenda and previous meetings. This way, everyone would know what the meeting's about before they walk into the conference room and would be better prepared for what's to come. Imagine that.

During the meeting, you would be able to pull up the most recent documents and all notes you made before the meeting. And you would easily follow the presentation on your laptop or iPad.

After the meeting, you could review all your (ideally digitized) notes and close the loop on outstanding issues, formalizing decisions and eSigning docs, without having to schedule another meeting.

In a perfect world, you could do all the above and as a result, spend far less time in meetings.

The good news is it doesn't take a perfect world to reduce meeting time. It's all possible with MeetX, designed to improve meeting productivity by putting all materials in one convenient place.

MeetX captures all meeting documents, along with your digital notes, to help you prepare before meetings, stay en pointe during meetings, and streamline decisions after meetings.

MeetX makes meetings so efficient that you can look forward to less of them. But don't just take our word for it, give MeetX a try today with a free demo. Click here to learn more.