Three reasons new MeetX is a must for leadership communication

June 12, 2014
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The newly released MeetX 6.5 for the iPad enhances user experience and the way leadership teams collaborate. Here's how:

The new pin-code feature makes log in easier.

The new pin code allows you to set up an easy-to-remember four-digit code that's specific to your iPad. The code makes log in quicker and easier while upholding BoardVantage's high standards for security.

It lets you share selective notes, questions, and comments with one or more teammates.

The beauty of the new annotation sharing feature is it lets you selectively share notes in the context of specific document content with other users or teams. For example, if you have a question about a section of a document, you can attach a note next to the relevant text. You can then share your question privately with a single user, multiple users, or your entire team. The users you choose to share with instantly receive an email alert with a link to your annotation.

It makes it easy to locate meeting documents and notes.

A third feature that enhances user experience with the latest MeetX app is timeline. This feature displays all meetings and actions chronologically and provides one-click access to all related materials. How it works: when you click on a meeting or event date, MeetX displays all documents and notes related to that event. This way, you never lose track of a document - or your notes.


See for yourself how the latest MeetX is even better equipped to help leadership teams improve collaboration. Click here for a free demo or to learn more.