BoardVantage Brings Top-Level Security and Ease of Use to Enterprise mobility

July 01, 2013
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Recent revelations of the massive data collection by U.S. government agencies like the National Security Agency (NSA) have raised public awareness of the security - or lack thereof - of our critical information online.

This comes at a time that virtually everyone has moved more and more of their crucial data online - to computer, tablets, mobile phones and the Cloud. This is true of businesses as well as individuals, and it raises some issues we are very familiar with at BoardVantage.

Over the past decade, we have been building and providing the tools necessary for corporate boards to be able to maintain the security and privacy of their most sensitive documents, many of which are shared at board meetings.

Our clients include many of the largest companies in the world, and we've focused on developing applications that meet the highest security and encryption standards.

At the same time, we've concentrated on ease-of-use, knowing that among our clients' board members are people who want simplicity and high readability.

It is this combination - building to the highest security standards but also to simplicity of use - that allows BoardVantage to expand into the emerging sector of enterprise mobility. The 'bring your own device' (BYOD) phenomenon has exploded in the corporate world in recent years, as workers have been increasingly using their smartphones and tablets for work purposes.

While this can help companies lower equipment costs and keep employees happy, it raises additional security concerns, in an era when data breaches at many well-known companies like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become almost commonplace.

Well, BoardVantage has a solution to these concerns ready and waiting. We have already perfected the process of ensuring the security of the most sensitive documents and materials at the board level, including any BYOD issues, so we are well prepared to offer a similar level of security for the entire enterprise.

One way to think about our system is that your company will be protected from competitors, foreign governments, hackers, or anyone else who tries to break into your system. BoardVantage is bringing unprecedented levels of security to the enterprise mobility sector.