Driving process on the go with MeetX

July 02, 2014
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Today's mobile leadership expect to work everywhere they go - during travel, in meetings onsite or off, and when telecommuting. They carry their mobile devices everywhere and depend on them to drive initiatives and make decisions in meetings and in between, in the office and on the go. They need a secure mobile environment that lets them share documents confidentially with other members of the team. They also need tools to conduct secure meetings. In short, they need a mobile app that helps them deliver process continuity wherever they work.

The challenge is that Wi-Fi is not always dependable and when it's spotty, process continuity is interrupted. MeetX overcomes this challenge by auto-syncing server and device. With this architecture, shared content online is instantly available offline, irrespective of the actions taken by the user. So whether there is Wi-Fi availability or not is entirely transparent. Users can review and annotate documents as well as sign documents even while offline. When the network connection is restored, all updates made in offline mode will automatically sync back to the server without action required on the part of the user.

MeetX offers an array of tools and process flows designed for leadership: approvals for green-lighting initiatives and eSigning agreements, conferencing for presenting at remote meetings, and secure email to support the need for one-on-one communication. These tools share a common purpose - driving process while on the go. To learn more about MeetX, click here. Or for a free demo, call +1.877.685.7348.