Surviving without Wi-Fi in today's work world

July 29, 2014
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In business today, people expect to work absolutely everywhere, offsite at clients' offices, in meetings and in between, at lunch, while waiting in line at Starbucks, in conferences, and on business trips.

And yes, sadly, even on family vacations.

Most everyone likes to work on the go and with the arsenal of devices we use today, it's easy to take work everywhere.

But there's one problem: Wi-Fi. The Internet connectivity you take for granted when sitting in your office becomes a crapshoot as soon as you leave the office with your iPhone, tablet or laptop in tow.

And while Internet connections today are mostly dependable barring interruptions caused by storms or ISP incompetence, on the road it's a different story. In many conference and hotel rooms, a connection is surprisingly difficult to establish and often erratic when you do. In flight, Wi-Fi is spotty, when available at all.

Without a solid Wi-Fi connection, workflows come to a screeching halt. And as everyone knows, process interruptions are a plain drag.

A document collaboration tool that's designed for seamless business process offers a solution to all this online-offline chaos.

But what do we look for in such a tool? For starters, the ability to review the latest documents and to make notes and annotations. Being able to respond to online questionnaires and digitally approve and eSign documents are additional plusses.

The good news is MeetX lets you do all of this, and more, with or without Wi-Fi. Learn more