Say goodbye to password anxiety

August 27, 2014
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When it comes to leadership communication, high-caliber security is a necessity. But execs are often frustrated by cumbersome passwords. That's why MeetX now offers a PIN code alternative to the traditional username/password login.

The PIN code feature allows users to set up an easy-to-remember four-digit code that's specific to their device. Once the PIN code is set up, there's no need to type in unwieldy usernames and passwords again.

The MeetX PIN code functions just like the code used with a bank ATM card — it's a simple 4-digit numerical code that makes access easier and more secure.

The PIN code is tied to an individual device through a signed private key. This architecture is more secure than even an 8-digit username/password combination since it produces a true 2nd factor. It also avoids the risk involved when users circumvent password policies by writing down passwords on notepads or sharing them with others.

The new PIN code login gives MeetX users a better experience on mobile — and executives and directors better peace of mind.

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