Making remote meetings seamless for attendees

September 04, 2014
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It's not always possible to attend a meeting in person. But it's also an inconvenience to open up a third-party conference tool, hunt down the meeting information in an email, and then have to enter your credentials every single time. And if being remote has you in a place with unreliable or non-existent Wi-Fi, you may be stuck without access to the meeting materials.

MeetX improves the meeting experience for remote attendees. You don't need a separate meeting tool to attend or present, and you can follow along as if you were physically present.

Pre-meeting prep

With agendas, presentations, and other materials neatly organized and at your fingertips in the MeetX app, you can review them in advance, and annotate or highlight what you want to focus on during the meeting.

Joining meetings is a breeze

Also within the MeetX app, you can easily access the list of meetings you are invited to and with a single tap, join any meeting about to start or in progress. A calendar view makes it even easier to stay on top of the meetings you plan to attend.

Synchronized page viewing

As the presenter flips through a presentation, you see the same page that the presenter and other attendees are viewing. This keeps everyone in sync and the constrained nature of the screen-share means you don't accidentally see the desktop, web browser or another screen that is not part of the meeting presentation.

No Wi-Fi doesn't mean getting shut out

If you are stuck at a place with no or unreliable Wi-Fi, you aren't cut off from a remote meeting — because the meeting materials are automatically downloaded in your app. This means that while you won't have synchronized page viewing, you still can access the materials before, during or after the call.

Formalize meeting decisions

In MeetX, a meeting workflow can include formalizing decisions using approvals and e-Signatures. All of it is centralized in MeetX, making is easy and efficient for everyone to use meetings productively to arrive at decisions.

With an integrated meeting experience, it's no wonder that so many leadership teams and boards prefer MeetX, whether attending meetings in-person or via remote access.