Annotating and collaborating with MeetX

September 09, 2014
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MeetX has been carefully designed to help you annotate documents with ease and collaborate with others by sharing your notes.

Intuitive toolset for annotations

The MeetX interface for viewing documents has easily accessible tools that let you highlight sections with colored highlighters, scribble freehand text, and attach sticky notes. They stay with the documents so even if you switch devices, you can always access them. You will not lose your notes when the underlying document is updated to a new version. Now that's sticky! All your annotations on a document or across documents can be easily retrieved later.

Sharing your notes

When you need to share your notes, it is easy to do so. If you need to provide feedback or ask questions, just write down your notes and share them. Those who you choose to share with can also respond through shared notes and help close the loop.

No Wi-Fi? No Problem.

As with everything in MeetX, your workflow of reviewing and annotating isn't interrupted when Wi-Fi is not available. And when Wi-Fi is restored, everything syncs up nicely.

Whether you are new to MeetX, or have been using it for other workflows, give annotations a try. If your organization is looking for a secure platform for leadership team collaboration that has built-in workflows such as reviewing and annotating documents, be sure to get a demo of MeetX.