Collaborating on ad-hoc projects with MeetX

September 11, 2014
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Managing short-term projects raises control issues, i.e., who and when to provide access to project documents. MeetX teamspaces provide the calibrated controls for effectively managing short-term projects.

A teamspace is a shared space that only assigned team members can access. The teamspace provides the focal point for collaboration. Team members can be assigned en-masse or only when access is needed. The rapid provisioning of users is a key facilitator of short-term projects.

Within a teamspace, a set of granular permissions control the level of access to content items and meetings. Once a project has ended, its teamspace can be deactivated and/or all its members' access individually revoked.

When a project has geographically dispersed team members, MeetX mobile apps provide the additional benefit of facilitating cross-firewall access. This is especially helpful when a project requires collaboration with partners or agencies. With MeetX app available on iOS, Android and Surface, it has never been easier to set up collaboration space for short-term projects.