Leadership Communication: A Changing Landscape

September 24, 2013
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Post by Joe Ruck, President & CEO of BoardVantage

Dispersion of leadership teams is a fact of life in the mobile enterprise. Those teams have communication needs that go beyond email and paper.

The use of mobile devices among executives has grown along with the dispersion of leadership teams. Today, these teams are common in large enterprises across different industries. They are also increasingly common in smaller, fast moving organizations because mobility is a force that lends a competitive edge to any organization, large or small.

So what are the pain points in this rapidly changing landscape?

At the highest level, executives expect a secure environment where they can share documents confidentially with other members of the team. They also need tools to conduct secure meetings. Finally, they need a way to drive initiatives and make decisions when they are on the go, typically in- between meetings.

But most of the tools on the market fall far short of addressing those needs. Email is overloaded, and impossible to organize into a workflow. Mobile devices -smartphones and tablets - are pervasive, but left by themselves (BYOD), have created unresolved security challenges. The share-and-sync solutions, so popular with consumers, do not meet the standards of enterprise IT. And in the meantime, critical meetings, like monthly operations reviews and quarterly planning sessions, are overloaded with paper documents.

At BoardVantage, we are acutely aware of these issues. So when customers approached us with requests to modify our board portal for executive use, we listened. Customers valued the BoardVantage security and user experience, but found that the formal board process imbedded in our Director product didn't work for execs, whose collaboration is often informal and fluid. What became clear is that organizations were looking for a tool that wasn't a mere modification of the board portal but rather a new architectural platform developed from the ground up for leadership teams. That's what we built in MeetX — a secure and mobile platform that lets leadership collaborate in meetings and in between, while delivering an executive experience optimized for their use case.

Much as we filled the need for the paperless boardroom with our Director product, we are now addressing the need for collaboration at the leadership level with MeetX.