Poll Your Leadership and Board with Surveys

September 24, 2014
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Whether it's a formal or an informal process, gathering inputs is key to establishing the viewpoints of stakeholders. Company leadership teams and boards often need structured inputs to make better decisions. MeetX has surveys and questionnaires that make it easy to poll and build consensus.

There are a number of 3rd-party, cloud-based survey solutions on the market. However, users have learning curve issues when it comes to adapting to a new tool, and information can get compromised in the cloud.

To address these concerns, MeetX contains survey functionality that:

  • Lets you create your own questions and specify the response type - yes/no, multiple choice, open answers or Likert scale. You can also attach documents to a question.
  • Lets respondents work on a questionnaire over multiple sessions without losing their work and even when wi-fi isn't available.
  • Eliminates the need of a third -party survey software, because this functionality is built into MeetX.

Being able to go over a questionnaire while off-line and over multiple sessions is a major draw for executives and board members who travel often. The questionnaire and responses automatically sync for any updates, thus ensuring a seamless online-offline experience that is a core tenet of the overall MeetX user experience.