Need to survey? Our MeetX has surveys, and they are easy, effective, and secure

October 09, 2013
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We are excited that our MeetX product now has a survey capability, and that it works both online and off. Companies and boards can use the new feature to easily administer self-assessments and peer-evaluations.

The MeetX interface is simple and intuitive directors and leadership team members to use as they work their way through lengthy surveys. Surveys in MeetX include the ability to add detailed instructions, descriptions and attachments to the questions. Survey questions include a variety of response formats, including yes/no, multiple choice, open answers and the Likert Scale. Responses can be set to be private or anonymous, and respondents can be given the option to add comments. Respondents can easily access and complete surveys, and can save in-progress surveys, in MeetX apps on iPad and iPhone.

We recently put out a press announcement "BoardVantage announces MeetX upgrade with built-in survey feature" on it. At the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo at Orlando, we have been showing MeetX demo and how easy and effective it is to create and respond to surveys.

We hope that if you are a customer of BoardVantage, you'd take advantage of the survey functionality.