No Time to Sign Docs and Approve Requests? Here's How to Stay Productive

December 08, 2014
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MeetX : Approving Documents

According to consulting firm Bain & Company, top executives lose thousands of hours each year responding to email and sitting in meetings. As a busy business leader, how are you supposed to get through the more solitary tasks of approving requests and signing documents? Running from meeting to meeting leaves no time for sitting at your desk, and you're often traveling. But your weigh-in is essential in many business decisions, so timely response is necessary to drive business process—and progress.

The Approvals and Signature modules in MeetX address this problem. You can easily complete previously paper-based tasks between or even during meetings with a few taps on your phone or tablet. Let's say your signature is required on a legal document, with a deadline of 3:00 p.m., but you're tied up in meetings all afternoon. MeetX sends a notification, and when you open the app, a badge on the Signatures icon alerts you that there's a document for you to sign. Simply tap to open the doc, and MeetX directs you right to where you need to sign. Tap "Commit" and the doc is sent along to the next stop in the workflow.

It works the same with approvals. You'll see a badge on the Approvals module. Tap it, and an interface comes up that shows you the request, information related to it and who's already responded. You'll find instructions, the approval due date and any supporting documents. You can approve or reject the request with a tap, and send it along its way.

With MeetX, requests and documents are contextualized, meaning all the information you need is presented together on your screen. You can make an informed decision without wasting time hunting down information. The beautiful graphical interface and intuitive workflows make it easier than ever to approve requests and sign documents.

In short, the Approvals and Signatures modules in MeetX help you collaborate and drive process without disrupting your busy schedule. They make business outcomes more timely and predictable, and ensure that the right processes are routinely and consistently followed.

For more information, watch this short video.