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  • Streamlining meeting process

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  • Disseminating sensitive information

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  • Reviewing and approving documents

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  • Streamlining meeting process

    MeetX puts all relevant information, such as documents, attendees, and logistics at your users’ fingertips. Increase meeting productivity while cutting time of meeting prep.

    Disseminating sensitive information

    Put updates at management’s fingertips while eliminating information leaks. Highlight new or updated materials.

    Reviewing and approving documents

    Greenlight initiatives or approve board resolutions. MeetX includes comprehensive eSignature capability.

  • Collaborating with annotations

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  • Attending remote meetings

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  • Supporting ad-hoc projects

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  • Collaborating with annotations

    Make it easy to collaborate by sharing annotations with members of the team.

    Attending remote meetings

    Improve the experience of remote meeting participants. Follow along as if physically present and stay on the same page as in-person attendees.

    Supporting ad-hoc projects

    MeetX has the versatility to accommodate short-term initiatives with defined objectives or long-term initiatives with growing teams and evolving objectives.

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