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Security and Control


  • Platform

    The platform is protected by full strength encryption, multi-factor authentication, and hosting in a highly secure site. We maintain a strong perimeter defense using multiple layers of security and constant monitoring. Boardvantage processes are independently audited, and the company has achieved SSAE16 SOC2 and ISO27001 certification. Our security has been hardened by a decade of third party testing and validation, and we devote significant resources to continuous improvement with the latest technologies.

  • Mobile

    MeetX's comprehensive architecture protects against the risks that come with device mobility - a particular concern for discoverability in the event of theft or loss of device. The MeetX app is encrypted to safeguard its content on the mobile device while downloaded content remains under central administrative control so that it can be purged independent of the actions of business users.

  • Service

    Given the sensitivity of client content, Boardvantage takes the position that it is categorically unacceptable for any of our staff to view customer data. That's why the MeetX platform encrypts all customer data on the server. Secured state-of-the-art hosting facilities, architecture, expertise and execution ensure that Boardvantage clients receive the highest commercially available data protection.


  • Content Segregation

    The MeetX architecture segregates content in TeamSpaces which function as focal points for initiatives or processes. Because these TeamSpaces are ring-fenced for security, business users only have access to the content for which they are explicitly authorized, thereby reducing the risk of sharing outside the team.

  • Remote Purge

    Business users expect ready access to materials, even if they're out of Wi-Fi range. But there is a tension between mobility and security, particularly with downloaded materials. To bridge this gap, MeetX uses an encrypted folder, where all content, whether online or offline, remains under the control of the administrator. Even if a business user forgets to delete downloaded documents, an administrator can purge all of the content, including any notes, remotely.

  • Enterprise Sync

    MeetX uses an Enterprise Sync architecture, which decouples the upload function from the sharing function. Files may be shared only after permissions have been set. However once initialized, updates are auto-synced. This approach provides the popular benefit of instant access to last-minute changes but avoids the risk of inadvertent sharing with unauthorized users, an ever-present risk in Desktop Sync.


When it comes to leadership communication, high-caliber security is a necessity. But execs are often frustrated by cumbersome passwords. That's why MeetX offers Touch ID and PIN Code as alternatives.

Biometric Access


MeetX TouchID uses Apple's new biometric fingerprint sensor, making login easier by authenticating users without cumbersome passwords.

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PIN Code


A simple numerical code that makes access easier and more secure. The PIN code is tied to an individual device through a signed private key.

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Hosted, On-Premise or Private Cloud

At times, customer policy stipulates in-house hosting for a particular class of data. This is not uncommon in financial institutions or other organizations where control over the content is an overriding consideration. Our Private Cloud and On-Premise options satisfy this criterion, delivering the same functionality as SaaS, while fitting the organizational requirement of hosting behind the firewall.

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