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MeetX from Boardvantage delivers secure collaboration for leadership teams

Menlo Park, CA (July 24, 2013) ‐ Consumer-grade file sharing services have become the unofficial business file sync applications inside many organizations. Yet for leadership teams, who need to manage strategic initiatives, these unsecure services are unfit for confidential corporate content and processes that accompany the work at leadership levels.

Based on a decade of innovation in board portals serving the needs of Fortune 100 boards and executives, Boardvantage announces the general availability of MeetX, a secure collaboration platform for leadership teams. With MeetX, leadership teams are able to stay on top of corporate initiatives, drive process, collaborate ad hoc, securely share, review and approve documents, and efficiently conduct team meetings. MeetX is available on the iPad, iPhone and browser.

“Dispersed leadership teams increasingly require seamless document collaboration across the firewall,” said Joe Ruck, CEO of Boardvantage. “MeetX was designed to meet the complex use cases of leadership teams who need to keep initiatives moving, even while they’re on the go”

MeetX presents the best of task-driven environment, ease of use, mobility and security. It consistently meets the security standards of the most demanding enterprise IT departments, including those of global financial institutions. It offers the functionality and process that lets modern leadership teams mirror the distinctions and nuances they're used to in existing paper and email-based process, thereby quickening decision making, improving efficiency and fostering collaboration.

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Boardvantage leads the market in delivering paperless process for board and leadership communication. Trusted by enterprises worldwide, including half the Fortune 500, Boardvantage sets the bar for a mobile executive experience. The company is headquartered in Menlo Park, Calif., with global offices and data centers in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.

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