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Boardvantage announces PIN Code to eliminate password anxiety

Menlo Park, CA (September 30, 2014) ‐ Boardvantage ( announces MeetX PIN code as an alternative login for the MeetX app.

The MeetX PIN code functions like the PIN code used with your bank ATM card. It allows users to set up and log in using a numerical code that makes access easier and more secure - something that will be greatly appreciated by executives and directors. The MeetX PIN code is configurable from a minimum of 4 digits to a maximum of 8 digits.

At the same time, the PIN code being tied to the device through a signed private key produces true two-factor authentication, which offers more security than a username/password combination. It also avoids the risk involved when users circumvent password policies by writing down hard-to-remember passwords on notepads or sharing them with others.

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Boardvantage leads the market in delivering paperless process for board and leadership communication. Trusted by enterprises worldwide, including half the Fortune 500, Boardvantage sets the bar for a mobile executive experience. The company is headquartered in Menlo Park, Calif., with global offices and data centers in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.

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