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It cuts cost, it cuts production time, it is mobile and it is scalable across continents. Since moving to Boardvantage, we literally cut our production costs by 70%. It was also a very stressful time for me, but now it's not.

Justyna Ladna, Executive Assistant & Law Clerk

  • Ryan Moody

    Ryan Moody
    IT Analyst


    ‘‘After doing our research and conducting a full RFP process, we realized Boardvantage was the solution for Hillenbrand. The Dynamic board books within Boardvantage allow us to limit access within a single book via the source document security. It gives us peace of mind to know users are only seeing what they should be able to see. Each of our executive teams within our operating companies utilizes Boardvantage via their own team space. They're able to collaborate, share documents and basically it makes it more efficient for them.

    We felt the Boardvantage solution offered multiple aspects that we were looking for: a robust iPad app rather than using the browser, a very easy system for our administrators, and company stability was important for us. We wanted a platform that had been on the market for multiple years and would be focused on enhancements rather than product stability. Their onshore support model is what we were looking for and we felt their solution was the best for Hillenbrand. Boardvantage was the partner for us due to our rapid expansion and growth. The scalability of the Boardvantage solution was a perfect fit for us.’’

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  • Jennifer Stansberry

    Jennifer Stansberry
    Executive Coordinator

    Citizens Energy Group

    ‘‘My favorite aspect of Boardvantage as an administrator and as a user is the ease of use. As an administrator, it's very easy to set up the board books and as a user, it's simple to navigate through the iPad app. Previously, our process was totally paper, where it could take up to 24 hours to create a boardbook. Now, our board books are created in minutes and we can deliver it to our board members within seconds.

    Using the iPad app is simple because it has features such as the timeline, which allows you to view previous meeting materials. Also, when you log into the iPad app, it will automatically sync the latest version of the board book, so if there have been any replacements to the documents, they will automatically sync.’’

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  • Mary Hughes

    Mary Hughes
    Executive Coordinator

    Metro PCS

    ‘‘Our company has been using Boardvantage for about six months and it took our directors about two months to go paperless. Our directors see the greatest value in the ease in accessing the presentations and being able to access them offline. Some of my favorite features in Boardvantage are the ease in putting presentations together and being able to replace documents quickly, so the directors have the most current version.

    We didn't have any issues with the initial rollout of Boardvantage. The way our company plans on expanding Boardvantage is to get our directors to use it to securely communicate with each other and within the company. ’’

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  • Jennifer Stansberry

    Pamela Veilleux
    AVP - Executive Administration

    Norway Savings Bank

    ‘‘One of the directors' favorite features of Boardvantage is the board book's auto-syncing. With auto-syncing, they are able to know that they have the most up-to-date version of the board book available. I'm able to make changes to the document, and in less a minute, the changes are synced automatically. The next time they log in, they have the most current version available. Using Boardvantage saves me time and paper every month. I save between 500 and 1,000 pieces of paper per board member.

    Boardvantage is such a help to me. It allows our senior managers to follow along the meeting while I project from my iPad to the screen and I can zoom and flip through pages as needed and our managers can follow along through the whole meeting. Now board members show up for the meeting with their own iPads ready for the meeting with no setup required.’’

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A Customer Spotlight

Perth Airport
Perth Airport is Australia's fourth largest airport in terms of passenger traffic. and is the premier international, domestic and regional gateway for commercial aircraft, freight and passengers. We spoke with Greg Jacobson, Perth Airport's Governance & Legal Manager/Company Secretary about his experience with Boardvantage.
Why did your company choose Boardvantage?

During our search for a solution, we compared a number of systems. The first thing that stood out about Boardvantage was how easy it was to use the iPad application. Our directors work primarily on iPads, so this was a plus. Secondly, the ability to add documents once a board pack is sent to directors is extremely easy. This enables us to update information seamlessly, without any intervention required on behalf of the director. It saves them time while enabling us to collect and disseminate valuable information electronically.

What were some of the challenges your company hoped to solve by introducing Boardvantage?

Before Boardvantage, everything was done using paper. Hard copy packs were a nightmare. We had to rush to meet the courier if we wanted to send documents to interstate directors, which led to additional stress. Some directors used an electronic pack distributed through our extranet; however, this approach had several issues. First, there was no easy way to view and annotate the packs. Although they could view and annotate the documents using an Apple app, that solution is not easy to use or intuitive. Secondly, there was no way to update the packs without sending numerous emails back and forth, which wasted time. Most importantly, security was an issue. We needed a way to ensure the information we were sending, reviewing and modifying was not tampered with either in transport or while residing on a director's computer.

Can you highlight the results of adopting Boardvantage?

Implementing Boardvantage resolved all of our previous challenges. The solution enables us to easily upload documents and distribute them electronically. Directors can review and comment on them, and we can update the annotated documents online for instant distribution to the entire board. All data, whether in transport or at rest, is encrypted and protected, so we don't have to worry about sensitive information leaking out. The solution is much easier and more intuitive than our previous software, so our directors adopted it quickly with minimal training. They were able to transition over from paper to Boardvantage easily-with no complaints.

Is your company using Boardvantage beyond the board?

In addition to using Boardvantage in the boardroom, one of our internal committees also uses the solution extensively. We hope to expand the solution's use to other committees in the near future.

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